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Welcome to the UK site for Girls Name Songs named after girls or women in the UK. Our list has more than 2,000 songs with girls names including hundreds of names in the most comprehensive UK list of songs with girls names in the title or written about a woman or girl with that name! Click the link below for the UK list of songs about a girl whose name is...

From the music of our lives, these are not just songs with girls' names in the title or songs named after a girl, but they are songs about the girl with that name. In this full list, the title may or may not include the girl's name, or maybe just the girl's name in the song lyrics, but the song is about her!

Also, please review the Top 40 song list of the best love songs with a woman's name in the title. This is our UK top 40 list of songs with a girl's name in the title. Then check out our new list of the most popular female baby names; the top 50 Baby Names for baby girls born in the UK. The most complete UK list of girls name songs with girls' names in the song title or songs about a girl or woman with the name. That's our goal!

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Featured Song Story *

Do you enjoy old Irish folk songs? How about “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen”? A song covered by Slim Whitman in 1957, Elvis Presley in 1973, Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash, and even featured in a Star Trek episode when an inebriated Lieutenant Kevin Riley attempted to sing this beautiful “Irish ballad”. But guess what? It’s not an old Irish folk song! Surprisingly, I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen, was written in Plainfield, Indiana by an American composer, Thomas P. Westendorf in 1875, and first introduced to the public by a group of singers performing at the town hall in Plainfield, Indiana. The sheet music was first published in 1876 in Cincinnati, Ohio and it soon became one of the most popular songs in America!

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Top 50 female Baby Names
for baby girls born in
England & Wales

Summary for years 2000-2013.
Top 7 names were number one
at least once since 1996.
Source: UK Office for National Statistics:

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Rank Girl's Name
Rank Girl's Name
1 Emily 26 Daisy
2 Olivia 27 Poppy
3 Jessica 28 Millie
4 Chloe 29 Emma
5 Sophie 30 Freya
6 Grace 31 Georgia
7 Amelia 32 Ava
8 Charlotte 33 Phoebe
9 Lucy 34 Bethany
10 Ellie 35 Rebecca
11 Megan 36 Leah
12 Lily 37 Jasmine
13 Ruby 38 Erin
14 Ella 39 Caitlin
15 Mia 40 Alice
16 Hannah 41 Elizabeth
17 Katie 42 Sophia
18 Holly 43 Eleanor
19 Amy 44 Isla
20 Isabella 45 Scarlett
21 Evie 46 Maisie
22 Molly 47 Imogen
23 Abigail 48 Amber
24 Lauren 49 Summer
25 Isabelle 50 Anna

 The top 40 songs with a
girl's name in the title

Top 40 songs named after girls, with a woman's name in the title: the UK top 40 song list. This list only includes songs of love and affection for that special girl, wife, mother, sister, friend, lover or wannabe lover. Without regard to genre (Rock, R&B, Country, Punk, Rap, etc) each of these songs became a chart topping hit; all but a few were top ten songs and many were number 1 hits in the UK! These love songs all have a woman's first name in the title and it is a song about her; not about a place, animal, thing, road, car or boat. Song titles only have first names, no last names, and none with multiple names. Here’s our UK list of the top 40 best love songs with a girl’s name in the title!
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Rank Year Find on Amazon*
Song Title
Get it on iTunes*
Artist Name
1 1966 Michelle The Overlanders
2 2007 Ruby Kaiser Chiefs
3 1962 Sheila Tommy Roe
4 1959 Oh! Carol Neil Sedaka
5 1967 Bernadette The Four Tops
6 1970 Candida Tony Orlando and Dawn
7 1957 Peggy Sue Buddy Holly
8 1955 Rose Marie Slim Whitman
9 1968 Julia The Beatles (John Lennon)
10 2015 Olivia One Direction
11 1972 Clair Gilbert O'Sullivan
12 1964 Diane The Bachelors
13 1968 Valleri The Monkees
14 1968 Jennifer Juniper Donovan
15 2007 Jessica Elliot Minor
16 1974 Mandy Barry Manilow
17 1962 Sherry The Four Seasons
18 1973 Angie The Rolling Stones
19 1963 Anna The Beatles
20 1982 Come On Eileen Dexys Midnight Runners
21 1957 Diana Paul Anka
22 1968 Elenore The Turtles
23 1958 Donna Marty Wilde
24 1961 Hello Mary Lou Ricky Nelson
25 2006 Hey There Delilah Plain White T's
26 1970 Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) Edison Lighthouse
27 1978 Oh Julie Shakin' Stevens
28 1964 Ramona The Bachelors
29 1957 Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet) Jackie Wilson
30 1969 Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond
31 2007 Valerie Mark Ronson, feat. Amy Winehouse
32 1967 Walk Away Renee The Four Tops
33 1957 Yes Tonight Josephine Johnnie Ray
34 1971 Layla Derek and The Dominos- Eric Clapton
35 1982 Rosanna Toto
36 1964 Juliet The Four Pennies
37 1971 Pictures Of Lily The Who
38 2005 Lyla Oasis
39 2013 Diana One Direction
40 1985 Oh Sheila Ready For The World

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Girls Name Songs Blog

My thoughts and comments*
What is so special about a Girls Name Song? Who writes such a song and why? These are songs written about a friend, mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend or any girl or woman we care about. Someone cared enough about this girl to write a song about her.

Is there anything more important than music written about a key person in our life; a person we admire, love, despise or cherish? Sure, some of these songs are just plain fun. But usually they are written about real people and real strong feelings. Listen to Steve Perry singing Oh Sherrie.

I first became interested in this kind of song as a young teenager. I remember feeling the unrequited love when Paul Anka sang about his yearning for Diana in 1957. And I remember the heart-break sadness of Ray Peterson in 1960 who sang Tell Laura I Love Her

And just like when we read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a story, these songs touch our hearts. We can easily relate to the words and feelings of the song; we feel the love. We smile, sigh, and cry right along with the singer.

I hope you enjoy this list of songs and please feel free to email me with suggestions for songs I missed or corrections to anything I post.

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